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Bespoke design solutions to create unique and inspiring interiors

Thursday 10th May 2012

Bespoke design solutions to create unique and inspiring interiors: The effective use of digital print as a decorative treatment in hotels, restaurants and stylish locations.

Think about this: Every interior design project provides an opportunity to create something unique and personal. But as a designer, have you ever considered what dimension digital print can bring to your design scheme?

Traditionally, a holistic approach is taken to understanding the design requirements, including the functional needs of the interior, as well as a visionary view to creating comfort and desirability. The final design schemes are then developed accordingly in order to deliver both inspiring and sympathetic interior schemes that harmoniously integrate into the setting.

Decorative schemes are cultivated by sourcing relevant materials, furnishings, accessories, finishes and treatments that suit the interior design theme at hand, but the advent of digital print, and the broader processes that sit with this, opens up resources -and opportunities - no end.

Have you ever had to overcome the hurdle of sourcing that unique finish or piece of furnishing that perfectly suits your project almost as if it were designed with that project in mind? Digital processes will provide you with exactly that capability. Producing something bespoke, as a one-off, is no longer saddled with the exorbitant costs associated in producing one-offs from traditional manufacturing routes. Digital provides the ultimate in flexibility.

The origin of your design imagery can be photographic or illustrative. Whatever it is, it can be printed onto almost any media - rigid or flexible - and then applied to almost any form. This could be feature wallcoverings of life-like proportion creating inspiring backdrops to connect any theme, even accented by drapes and upholstered details to extend it.

Any surface is a welcoming place to make a pictorial of graphical statement, bold or subtle, large or small. Digitally printed imagery can be easily applied to canvas prints, reverse mounted images to acrylic and other art installations. Glazed surfaces such as windows and partitions can be transformed by print with imagery that seems almost as if it were an inherent part of it. The list is endless.

There are few boundaries that limit where a digitally printed graphical installation can exist. Intricate cut graphics in unique free flowing styles and forms can adorn both walls and glazing surfaces, they can exist in textual or in outline image form, as subtle silhouette details to mimic any texture or graphical effect, as a more elaborate multi-coloured interlaced cut vinyl, or even combined with translucent digital print to optically clear film taking advantage of both side of a glazed surface to create the ultimate in depth and interest.

There is simply no end of potential that your creativity and ingenuity can generate - made possible by graphic design techniques working sympathetically with an interior design vision and digital print know-how.

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