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Has the V&A been put up for Sale...

Not Quite!

Thursday 10th October 2013

The latest creation titled ‘Tomorrow’ by renowned Scandinavian artists Elmgreen & Dragset explores the boundaries between art, design and architecture in an installation that transforms the former textiles galleries into a flat belonging to a fictional, retired architect who after a career of limited success, has lost the family fortune and has to sell his inherited home.

Playing their part in this highly imaginative plot, BAF Graphics were commissioned to produce and install a 25-meters for the fictional “Crown Property Investment Group” who have supposedly erected the hoarding.

The impressive hoarding is in fact an artwork created to capture interest for the V&A latest installation. Produced on BAF’s most recent acquisition their SwissQprint Nyala, BAF printed at their highest quality direct to Dibond Digital to provide a most professional finish, worthy of such an installation.

“What a great opportunity it was to be part of such a project. Not only did it capture our attention when the artwork was unveiled, but it was a great opportunity to showcase the amazing quality of our latest print technology with such an imaginative concept” says Kathryn Lewis, Project Manager at BAF Graphics.

Charlotte Hale of the V&A conveyed her gratitude by saying “We want to thank BAF for all their hard work. I know the time constraints on this project put BAF under a lot of pressure and we were really impressed with how they managed this and are hugely grateful that they were able to make it happen”.

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