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Image conscious business seeks multi-purpose and reusable display system...

Monday 11th February 2013

Image conscious business seeks multi-purpose and reusable display system: meet Clever Frame, the perfect companion for your event and display needs

Fed up with unimaginative traditional display systems, as you try to find the match for your business that does justice to your corporate image? Looking for something inspiring and attractive, as well as for a versatile and single-investment alternative to the ongoing cost of display hire or custom-built, one-time solutions? Enter Clever Frame, a robust and modular display system that’s so simple to use you don’t need any training, tools or muscle power.

Clever Frame is a unique companion that you can take to all your events. Multi-purpose and reusable to suit your promotional needs, it works for you however you want it to, dressed up with interchangeable graphics. And it’s completely reliable, so won’t ever let you down.

But how does Clever Frame work and what are the main features of this irresistible partner? Let’s go into the details to find out.

The perfect solution to meet your marketing and promotion requirements

Made up of interconnecting frames of varying sizes joined together by hand tightened connectors, this innovative display system only requires you to rearrange the durable aluminium frames and attach updated magnetic-secured graphic panels, to give you the precise display you are looking for.

With Clever Frame you move away from systems that are limited in what they can offer in favour of an eye-catching display that satisfy your needs time after time. You can build conference stands and booths, or enhance your brand awareness with event scenery, backdrops and sponsor walls. You can also improve your work environment by creating visually impressive reception areas and room dividers, or you can even develop outstanding point of sale, information areas and shops-in-shops.

The modularity and ease of use set this system apart. You can add or remove elements based on your marketing objectives, create different configurations with the same frames  and updated graphics, or complement the display with additional accessories such as lights, leaflet dispensers, shelves and display cabinets to ensure a unique layout every time. What’s more, Clever Frame boasts a 5-year guarantee that provides your business with a long-term solution and excellent return on your investment.

Antony Baglioni, Business Development Director at BAF Graphics, explains: “Clever Frame is a real innovation in the market and a wonderful addition to our range of products and services. It’s professional and so multi-functional that it integrates into countless applications.” He emphasises: “Brand managers, event managers and marketing managers can now benefit from an easy-to-use and versatile solution to bolster their promotional activities and enhance their brand in a cost effective way. We are very enthusiastic about Clever Frame and look forward to demonstrating its unique features to corporate and brand owners.”

If you would like to have further information on Clever Frame, set up a “date” to discover more about its features and the range of services offered by BAF Graphics please send an email to

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