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Inspiring places to work, with wallcoverings and window graphics

Wednesday 9th May 2012

Developing inspirational places to work and reinforcing your brand identity.
Have you thought about wallcoverings and window graphics?

Nowadays most companies might be aware that building their brand awareness is a goal that goes beyond client facing marketing strategies and extends into a broader philosophy. Reinforcing the so-called brand identity is a concept that not only can be promoted through initiatives to an outside audience, but also can be nurtured within the companies’ workspace, in an inspiringly graphical context.

Developing an engaging working environment is essential to create a feel-good factor within your company that extends beyond its employees to its customers, prospects and suppliers. The work space should embody your key values and emphasise them in a visual and creative way. Bespoke interior decoration can help SMEs and big companies to reach this objective, providing their team with an inspiring place to work and their visitors with a captivating image of the business.

Wall surfaces are the perfect backdrop to fuel creativity and can be exploited to convey brand messages and engaging imagery. They can be temporary or permanent, addressing general statements or specific campaigns. Wallcoverings can be applied to single walls and partitions or unfold along corridors and entire offices. Graphic solution possibilities are endless and can fit any budget: the only thing you need to think about is the messages you need to convey.

Together with walls, glazed areas are an effective surface that can help companies to define and personalise space through the use of graphics and creativity. Glass partitions not only separate offices and meeting rooms but also provide the ideal surface to exploit a wealth of opportunities for visual communication. Manifestations and decals such as logos, cut vinyl text or more complex design themes can be fulfilled through coloured or translucent films. But in addition, developments achieved by using different print technologies enable imagery to be printed to optically clear film, which when applied, looks as if it was printed directly to the glass.

If you are looking for privacy, one-way vision film that can be read only from one side of the glass might suit you, while if more intricate graphical creations are more your thing then you might go for a combination of cut and printed graphic decorative treatments using both sides of the glazed surface.

In addition, graphic panels or wrap mounted boards offer another layer of functional and informative creativity that in themselves provide an easily interchangeable element into your visual communication project and reinforce your brand even more creatively.

Design solutions using graphics in quirky and imaginative ways can all be used to truly personalise your office. This could be through using distinctive elements on walls, glazed surfaces, partitions, lifts and doors or by incorporating more subtle graphical elements to office furniture and alike.

There’s no end to the visual communication options you can embrace to strengthen your company image. You just have to set your budget, define your brand engagement objectives and work with a reliable graphic solutions provider. They can drive your creativity in the right direction and support you with in-depth knowledge and expertise. So, what are you waiting for, make your brand stand out!

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