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Introducing SwissQprint Nyala

Friday 16th August 2013

Introducing the latest addition to our print devices; the NYALA from SwissQprint, a high performance UV printing machine meeting the highest quality standards when printing on roll to roll and rigid media.

An extra-large print bed measuring 3.2 by 1.6 meters offers more than enough room for the most popular panel sizes. However, with our ingenious board option, we are able to accommodate oversized panels up to 4 meters in length and 3.2 meters in width, and hold difficult roll media firmly in place under a full-power vacuum during the printing process. When the printing beam reaches the end of the table, a sophisticated feed system takes over and advances the substrate automatically. Printing continues seamlessly as soon as the substrate is positioned exactly at the new origin. What’s more, reversing the vacuum allows even the heaviest media to float across the printing table on a cushion of air.

The integrated roll to roll option converts our Nyala into a roll printer. It reliably unwinds and winds up rolls up to 3.2 meters in width, while an integrated controller monitors and regulates the traction force for a flawless print image.

The Nyala offers a diverse printing capability to achieve almost any colour combination, maximised with its CMYK channels, as well as light cyan, light magenta and 2 x white channels, achieving outstanding results on roll media, as well as foamboard, wood, glass and metal.

The unbeatable high-performance printing machine with nine colour channels processes material at a rate of up to 200 sqm/h. Apart from size and speed the Nyala is convincing with its compelling modularity and outstanding print delivery.

For more information and a chance to have your next project produced on the Nyala contact your BAF Sales representative.

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