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Keeping a watchful eye on technological developments

Friday 18th May 2012

Keeping a watchful eye on technological developments: BAF pay a flying visit to Drupa in Düsseldorf to look at new print devices.

Drupa is one of the world’s leading and probably largest print exhibitions and while it only comes around every four years it makes up for this by running for two weeks solid, spare a thought for those manning their stands..! And that’s more than enough time for Gavin and Antony to grab their notebooks and clipboards and go scrutinise the very latest print devices.

There’s no question, leading manufacturers pulled out all the stops in refining their offer to meet the demands of a rapidly developing market. BAF has always kept a watchful eye on both the market leaders and those breaking into the market, with previously unseen technological capabilities.

First and foremost it’s all about quality for BAF and while the manufactures seek speed to create capacity, BAF want to make sure quality is not compromised in delivering this. With loupe’s at the ready the boys made sure everything was as it should be on those test prints that were whizzing out.

Then there is the dilemma as to whether inclination falls more for ‘roll to roll’ or ‘direct to media’ but you can’t exclude the hybrid machines too, as they can accommodate both. But again with the demands that BAF put on their devices, it's important to be sure one capability isn't compromised by the other...?

Ink development continues to play a part in any decision making process. We have all but seen the exit of traditional solvent inks in favour of far more environmentally friendly options such as UV inks. However, the latest contender building momentum is Latex inks, pioneered by manufacturers such as HP, they also deserve careful consideration.

So, with notebooks full and with more technical data sheets than NASA could muster, there is much to weigh up back at BAF HQ.

Does the new technology meet the mark for BAF? Will BAF be making an acquisition? Well we will just have to wait and see.....

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