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Post match analysis - MWL14

Monday 30th June 2014

With the aftermath of our exit from the World Cup 2014 in our minds, last week saw us shift our attention to matters more innovative and ultimately more successful.

Having exhibited at Marketing Week Live 2014, we were delighted to have met many stake holders, brand managers and other marketing execs who were all pleased to hear about why BAF is not just your average print company, far from it in fact..!

What proved to capture attention was hearing that BAF specialise in producing graphics which many traditional print companies would rather steer away from.

For this reason, we’re more accustomed to working on projects where our clients are looking for graphic solutions that enables them to stand out from the crowd. Better say, innovative ideas that stretch the conventional and show imagery in ingenious and well thought out ways.

Working with a print partner who is willing to develop ideas gives brand owners more options and flexibility by perhaps reproducing imagery in formats they might not have previously imagined possible.

That’s why we majored on showing visitors graphics printed onto several unconventional substrates, such as:


Ideal for that campaign or project when you need to quickly transform an area into an inspirational space for a client pitch. Alternatively, if you need to introduce ad hoc branding and communications into a retail or office environment, without the worry of adhesives. Apeel is an adhesive-free solution and is ideal for self-installation as it is repositionable and removable.

3D Holographic Media

Enticing you to take a second glance, our prints to 3D holographic media caught visitor’s attention. They truly do look like the images are jumping out at you.


Prints direct to oak veneer, MDF or birch faced ply showed how graphics can take on the texture beneath. This wasdemonstrated by the graphics we printed to OSB, that achieving a natural rustic look, for a very particular campaign, or installation.


Just like printing to wood, printing to metal and specifically floor tread once again shows how you can introduce print to more industrial materials.

Magnetic Prints

Printed ferrous paper was mounted to magnetic back panels, showing just how easy it is to adhere your graphics on walls and surfaces. Perfect for self-installation in a retail environment.

...and these were just a few of the printed graphics we showed. We also introduced our new digital signage solution. A networkable content managed solution to enable your media content to reach other channels alongside print.

Whether for temporary or permanent application, if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, you would do well to give BAF a call. Chances are we might have just the inspiration you need.

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