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Carocom - Five Strand - Vinyl Decals

Another wonderful example of how well thought out graphics have been sympathetically designed to complement the workplace. Every community needs a heart where people meet, celebrate and do business; for this community, Carocom developed the Market Square concept which offers a beautifully furnished, open meeting area with a number of assignation spaces within it.

Meeting rooms and vast wall spaces were given attention grabbing and newly relevant impact with the use of simple graphic treatments.  As part of a bigger brief to bring two teams closer together using environmental design, the brand’s story was visualised with witty visual metaphors, using cut black vinyl decals, outsized retail tags and cut frosted manifestations.  These office graphic touches helped unify a vast office space at the company’s HQ in Strand and introduced a light-hearted, graphic-rich ambiance for employees and visitors alike

Creative Direction by Carocom Ltd.

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