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Printing on Papyrus - Christian Louboutin

This striking scheme, designed by Sarah Boston at Christian Louboutin, was brought to life by Simon Hooper and his dedicated team at Specialist Models in Cardiff. During months of testing and sampling different methods and materials, the final designs were created using moulds made of a combination of rubber and fibreglass / glass fibre.

Over a ten week production period the UK based in-house fibreglass team produced over 500 individual components, each then individually textured, hand painted to effect including some vivid patterns and designs.

BAF Graphics provided the final piece of the puzzle sourcing authentic hand-made Egyptian papyrus sheets, and printing direct to this using our Oce Arizona flatbed printer. As this is a natural material it is very delicate, and had to be handled with care during the printing and finishing process. The final articles can be found in windows from London, to Dubai and New York.

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Christian Louboutin SS13