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Pinsent Mason, Manchester - Office Wall Graphics

The brief was to design some extraordinary visual imagery for this lawyers office in the centre of Manchester to reflect its status as one of the leading lawyers firms in the UK. Designs incorporated various 'Quiet Rooms‘ where colleagues could have private conversations with their clients. To provide privacy and for graphic visual effect, each was branded with iconic images of Manchester Buildings from the Town Hall to the Ferris Wheel Rho 600 printed in white and solid colours onto optically clear film.

Complimenting these Quiet Rooms were three very large elliptical POD shaped Meeting Rooms called 'Skyline 1-3‘. These PODs went from floor to ceiling and also had bright red images Rho printed onto optically clear film providing privacy and a dynamic look to the whole office floor. In the reception area there was a Rho printed commercial wallcovering which had in front of it sheets of glass with printed optically clear film. This 3D effect that gave the reception area a truly memorable look. Branded signage was also produced throughout the offices which complimented the wall graphics.

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Pinsent Mason, Manchester by HKR Architects for Overbury