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Graphic Solutions

Working with market leading suppliers, BAF is constantly sourcing the very best substrates, print media and materials tailored to every project. From digitally printed self-adhesive films, wallcoverings, window graphics, banners and display panels, we recognise that each project has a very unique requirement and we pride ourselves on ensuring we select purpose suited materials from which to work with.

For the more bespoke projects, we will source just the product for the job. Whether conventional or unconventional, we are able to print to a broad array of substrates and even if you would like to supply the media/substrate we would be happy to trial and sample the print.

As the demand for a more eco-friendly approach increases our development team research and sample all new leading print substrates and media to ensure the BAF quality is still obtained throughout, to this end we are accredited to ISO 14001: Environment Management.

Please enquire and we would be delighted to assist you with your requirements.